Children are the future

A proper education, supervision and schooling are therefore essential; these things are the foundation for later. TOXV wants to contribute to this endeavor.

TOXTV wants to be more than mere amusement for amusement’s sake. We prefer the necessary attention to be focused on education and the obtaining of knowledge and insights. In our productions we try to combine these two aspects as well as possible, our main concern being what’s in the best interest of the child.

We produce television programs, books, magazines, theater performances and apps for children. We also develop new merchandise.


Strict criteria for TOXTV productions

The media have a huge influence on children. TOXTV sees to it that its offered content –on tv, internet, apps and stores- fulfills very strict criteria and are in any case free of racist, discriminating, violent, terrifying or any other inappropriate texts or images.

Healthy food is tasteful, exercise is fun.

TOXTV promotes healthy nutrition. The fact that healthy and natural products should be a regular part of one’s nutrition and eating pattern and furthermore that physical exercize in the form of sports is very good for you, is something we try to incorporate in our programs continuously.

Education and playing

Children love to play. We integrate educational elements in games to make learning fun! An ideal combination as far as we’re concerned.

Respect for nature and environment

TOXTV attaches great value to working in an environmentally friendly manner, thus contributing to sustainability on our planet. Our online activities for instance are hosted on a so called green server. We try to forward this eco-friendly attitude in our programs as an educational element, in order to teach children how to jointly treat nature, animals and human beings with care and respect. TOXTV works with others who share our ideals and conduct the same eco-friendly production process.

No violence or foul language

TOXTV produces entertainment where neither violence nor foul language exist. We want to influence children in a positive way with funny, amusing, entertaining and educational programs.